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20/20 NSW v Manukau South (NZ)
Sunday, January 03 2016 (09:30) at Cordner Oval
Manukau South (NZ) won toss and decided to field
NSWManukau South (NZ)
209 for 0 (20.0 overs)104 for 5 (20.0 overs)
1 Hour, 35 Minutes.1 Hour, 25 Minutes.
LB Heaven*not out1047195007146.48
SB Nero+not out705695006125.00
SB Brown
MB Cameron
NB Difford
TB Dorward
BB Edwards
MB Elbourn
MB Eschbank
SB Fitzpatrick
SB Jones
TB King
MB Tatnell
BB Felten
VB Roles
Extras0b 0lb 27w 8nb 0pen35
Provisional Score For Innings209
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total209for 0
DB Dunn4.004203 (4)2 (2)20.0010.50
MB McCaskill4.003601 (1)2 (2)10.009.00
PB Shankar4.003806 (6)0 (0)30.009.50
BB Fellows2.001801 (1)1 (1)00.009.00
DB Peri2.002307 (8)0 (0)20.0011.50
AB McDonald2.003406 (6)2 (3)00.0017.00
DB McCaskill2.001801 (1)0 (0)00.009.00
Manukau South (NZ)
MB McCaskillrun out (MB Eschbank)28356900980.00
EB Fatab VB Roles62121001628.57
PB Shankarb VB Roles0121100120.00
JB Dunnrun out (MB Eschbank)364749001676.60
BB Fellowsrun out (SB Fitzpatrick)4111500736.36
AB McDonaldnot out0110010.00
KB Cranwell
DB Dunn+
MB Edgar
DB Martin
DB McCaskill*
MB Tzourtzouklis
TB Patterson
DB Peri
Extras2b 0lb 21w 7nb 0pen30
Provisional Score For Innings104
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total104for 5
SB Fitzpatrick4.003109 (11)3 (3)110.007.75
LB Heaven4.001101 (1)0 (0)150.002.75
VB Roles4.001725 (5)0 (0)1314.504.25
BB Felten2.001101 (1)1 (1)40.005.50
SB Jones4.002303 (3)1 (1)70.005.75
MB Eschbank2.00900 (0)2 (2)60.004.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
EB Fata1-2020EB Fata (6) MB McCaskill (10)5.2
PB Shankar2-266PB Shankar (0) MB McCaskill (2)7.4
MB McCaskill3-8660MB McCaskill (16) JB Dunn (26)16.1
JB Dunn4-10418JB Dunn (10) BB Fellows (4)19.5
BB Fellows5-1040BB Fellows (0) AB McDonald (0)19.6
Match Report
Man of the Match:Lindsay B2 Heaven
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Match Referee: C Ive
Scorers: G Heaven & L Fitzpatrick

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