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40/40 Manukau South (NZ) v QLD
Tuesday, December 29 2015 (09:30) at Princes Park Turf 3
QLD Won By 8 wickets
QLD won toss and decided to field
Manukau South (NZ)QLD
187 for 8 (40.0 overs)188 for 6 (29.3 overs)
3 Hours, 5 Minutes.2 Hours, 25 Minutes.
Manukau South (NZ)
MB Haskettretd, not out50104145005648.08
PB Shankarb AB Kelly41114101036.36
BB Fellowsc MB McCarthyb AB Kelly5121400741.67
RB Segurarun out (CB Heberley)264066001765.00
LB Wallaceb AB Kelly0120010.00
MB Edgarb AB Kelly0210020.00
JB Dunnnot out205285003538.46
DB Dunnrun out (MB McCarthy)13600233.33
AB McDonaldrun out (TB Connell)0110010.00
DB Martinc BB Briderb RB Brider07120070.00
DB McCaskill*not out61717001235.29
KB Cranwell+
MB McCaskill
MB Tzourtzouklis
Extras0b 2lb 64w 9nb 0pen75
Provisional Score For Innings187
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total187for 8
BB Brider8.003505 (5)3 (3)240.004.38
AB Kelly8.012342 (2)3 (3)3313.252.88
MB Muscat9.0058027 (27)1 (1)290.006.44
MB McCarthy7.021601 (1)1 (1)310.002.29
CB Brincat3.0029016 (16)0 (0)60.009.67
RB Brider1.0013110 (10)1 (1)417.0013.00
CB Heberley2.00403 (3)0 (0)110.002.00
RB Moxly2.00700 (0)0 (0)60.003.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
PB Shankar1-1212PB Shankar (4) MB Haskett (4)3.3
BB Fellows2-2311BB Fellows (5) MB Haskett (5)7.1
RB Segura3-10279RB Segura (26) MB Haskett (23)21.4
LB Wallace4-1053LB Wallace (0) MB Haskett (1)22.2
MB Edgar5-1050MB Edgar (0) MB Haskett (0)22.4
MB Haskett*5-15146MB Haskett (17) JB Dunn (13)32.2
DB Dunn6-1565DB Dunn (1) JB Dunn (1)33.1
AB McDonald7-1560AB McDonald (0) JB Dunn (0)33.2
DB Martin8-16913DB Martin (0) JB Dunn (1)34.5
TB Connellc JB Dunnb RB Segura81613101250.00
BB Brider+retd, not out5072138103169.44
MB Muscatb RB Segura2222261012100.00
MB McCarthy*retd, not out5036596013138.89
AB Kellyretd, not out12200150.00
RB Briderb BB Fellows24400350.00
JB McAlisterb BB Fellows0670060.00
CB Brincatb BB Fellows1089104125.00
CB Plummerc JB Dunnb DB Martin5111400745.45
CB Heberleynot out337002100.00
RB Moxlynot out25500340.00
MB Eaton
Extras0b 3lb 25w 7nb 0pen35
Provisional Score For Innings188
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total188for 6
DB Dunn3.002703 (3)2 (2)90.009.00
RB Segura6.303420 (0)3 (3)1921.005.23
PB Shankar4.002906 (6)0 (0)90.007.25
MB Haskett4.001203 (3)0 (0)150.003.00
JB Dunn2.001900 (0)1 (1)50.009.50
AB McDonald2.0032011 (11)0 (0)20.0016.00
BB Fellows4.001732 (2)0 (0)168.674.25
DB McCaskill3.001400 (0)1 (1)90.004.67
DB Martin1.00110 (0)0 (0)56.001.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
TB Connell1-1414TB Connell (8) BB Brider (2)3.2
MB Muscat2-5440MB Muscat (22) BB Brider (13)9.2
MB McCarthy*2-14793MB McCarthy (50) BB Brider (22)20.4
AB Kelly*2-1481AB Kelly (1) BB Brider (0)20.6
RB Brider3-1513RB Brider (2) BB Brider (1)21.5
JB McAlister4-1543JB McAlister (0) BB Brider (2)23.4
CB Brincat5-16915CB Brincat (10) BB Brider (3)25.3
BB Brider*5-18213BB Brider (7) CB Plummer (4)27.5
CB Plummer6-1831CB Plummer (1) CB Heberley (0)28.1
Match Report
Man of the Match:Andrew B2 Kelly
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Venter & M Clemens
Scorers: R Pearce & L Wallace

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