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40/40 NSW v Victoria VIC
Tuesday, December 29 2015 (09:30) at Princes Park Turf 2
NSW won toss and decided to field
Victoria VICNSW
192 for 9 (40.0 overs)78 for 10 (25.5 overs)
3 Hours, 19 Minutes.2 Hours, 1 Minutes.
Victoria VIC
PB Lohb BB Edwards206488004631.25
DB Gauci*run out (MB Elbourn)4886146004255.81
BB Spencerlbwb SB Jones25400440.00
BB Wilsonlbwb LB Heaven36500450.00
MB Sadhulbwb SB Jones0330030.00
HB MacKenzierun out (SB Nero)0220020.00
PB Robinsonrun out (MB Cameron)414888102085.42
CB Bertuch+run out (MB Cameron)451100380.00
DB Pritchardb SB Nero82839002328.57
JB Bolandnot out0120010.00
AB Closenot out221001100.00
NB Luke
ZB Sheehan
AB Smith
Extras0b 2lb 53w 9nb 0pen64
Provisional Score For Innings192
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total192for 9
SB Fitzpatrick8.011402 (2)2 (2)400.001.75
LB Heaven8.002513 (3)0 (0)3151.003.13
BB Edwards8.0063127 (27)3 (3)2078.007.88
SB Jones8.002725 (5)0 (0)2926.503.38
MB Tatnell4.0044014 (14)4 (4)70.0011.00
SB Brown2.00700 (0)0 (0)70.003.50
SB Nero2.001012 (2)0 (0)814.005.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
PB Loh1-9898PB Loh (20) DB Gauci (29)18.2
BB Spencer2-1024BB Spencer (2) DB Gauci (2)19.3
BB Wilson3-1053BB Wilson (3) DB Gauci (0)20.4
MB Sadhu4-1061MB Sadhu (0) DB Gauci (1)21.2
HB MacKenzie5-1060HB MacKenzie (0) DB Gauci (0)21.4
DB Gauci6-14741DB Gauci (16) PB Robinson (18)30.3
CB Bertuch7-16720CB Bertuch (4) PB Robinson (14)32.5
PB Robinson8-18720PB Robinson (9) DB Pritchard (8)39.2
DB Pritchard9-1892DB Pritchard (0) JB Boland (0)39.5
MB Cameronb BB Spencer264780102955.32
MB Elbournc BB Wilsonb DB Pritchard241200250.00
BB Edwardsrun out (BB Wilson)48800650.00
LB Heaven*b PB Robinson09130090.00
SB Nerob DB Pritchard215182003341.18
MB Tatnellc HB MacKenzieb DB Gauci0300030.00
SB Fitzpatrickrun out (PB Robinson)71918001436.84
SB Joneslbwb AB Close7131400953.85
PB Kokinakkisnot out0060000.00
TB Dorwardb DB Pritchard0120010.00
SB Brown+b DB Pritchard0220020.00
NB Difford
MB Eschbank
TB King
Extras0b 0lb 9w 2nb 0pen11
Provisional Score For Innings78
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total78for 10
PB Robinson4.001412 (2)0 (0)1726.003.50
DB Pritchard5.53740 (0)0 (0)308.751.20
BB Spencer8.003015 (5)1 (1)3154.003.75
DB Gauci6.001912 (2)0 (0)2138.003.17
AB Close2.00810 (0)1 (1)713.004.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
MB Elbourn1-1212MB Elbourn (2) MB Cameron (10)3.1
BB Edwards2-186BB Edwards (4) MB Cameron (1)4.5
LB Heaven3-213LB Heaven (0) MB Cameron (1)6.6
MB Cameron4-4827MB Cameron (14) SB Nero (12)15.6
MB Tatnell5-491MB Tatnell (0) SB Nero (1)16.5
SB Fitzpatrick6-6415SB Fitzpatrick (7) SB Nero (3)22.2
SB Jones7-7814SB Jones (7) SB Nero (5)24.6
SB Nero8-780SB Nero (0) PB Kokinakkis (0)25.2
TB Dorward9-780TB Dorward (0) PB Kokinakkis (0)25.3
SB Brown10-780SB Brown (0) PB Kokinakkis (0)25.5
Match Report
Man of the Match:Daniel B2 Pritchard
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Scorers: J Smith & L Fitzpatrick

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