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20/20 Manukau South (NZ) v QLD
Sunday, January 03 2016 (14:00) at Cordner Oval
QLD Won By 11 wickets
Manukau South (NZ) won toss and decided to bat
Manukau South (NZ)QLD
130 for 3 (20.0 overs)132 for 3 (14.3 overs)
1 Hour, 35 Minutes.1 Hour, 4 Minutes.
Manukau South (NZ)
BB Fellowsb MB Muscat82521001932.00
JB Dunnb BB Brider203877002452.63
AB McDonaldb MB Muscat123950003330.77
MB McCaskillnot out17202200785.00
EB Fatanot out7121610858.33
DB Dunn
MB Edgar
DB McCaskill*
TB Patterson
DB Peri
PB Shankar+
Extras4b 2lb 45w 15nb 0pen66
Provisional Score For Innings130
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total130for 3
RB Moxly4.001101 (1)1 (1)180.002.75
MB McCarthy4.011804 (4)1 (1)180.004.50
MB Muscat4.002126 (6)1 (1)1415.505.25
AB Smith4.003007 (9)5 (7)170.007.50
CB Brincat1.001309 (9)1 (1)40.0013.00
RB Brider1.001509 (9)3 (3)40.0015.00
BB Brider1.00611 (1)0 (0)27.006.00
CB Heberley1.001005 (6)1 (1)40.0010.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
BB Fellows1-2222BB Fellows (8) JB Dunn (4)6.5
AB McDonald2-9371AB McDonald (12) JB Dunn (15)14.4
JB Dunn3-1007JB Dunn (1) MB McCaskill (5)15.5
CB Heberleylbwb DB Peri674758307142.55
BB Briderrun out (DB McCaskill)791400477.78
MB Muscat+b MB McCaskill0330030.00
MB McCarthynot out433246308134.38
AB Smithnot out225000100.00
CB Brincat
RB Brider
MB Eaton
RB Moxly*
CB Plummer
JB McAlister
TB Connell
Extras0b 0lb 8w 5nb 0pen13
Provisional Score For Innings132
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total132for 3
DB Dunn4.003304 (4)1 (2)70.008.25
MB McCaskill3.002511 (1)1 (1)520.008.33
PB Shankar3.303601 (1)0 (0)20.0010.29
BB Fellows2.002001 (1)1 (1)10.0010.00
DB McCaskill1.001000 (0)0 (0)10.0010.00
DB Peri1.00811 (1)1 (1)38.008.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
BB Brider1-3131BB Brider (7) CB Heberley (19)3.3
MB Muscat2-321MB Muscat (0) CB Heberley (1)3.7
CB Heberley3-12088CB Heberley (47) MB McCarthy (35)13.3
Match Report
Man of the Match:Cory B3 Heberley
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Match Referee: C Ive
Scorers: R Pearce

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