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40/40 QLD v NSW
Thursday, December 31 2015 (09:37) at Princes Park Turf 2
QLD won toss and decided to field
179 for 6 (40.0 overs)41 for 4 Abandon (10.0 overs)
3 Hours, 18 Minutes.55 Minutes.
MB Cameron*+run out52236001822.73
MB Elbournlbwb MB Eaton31919001615.79
BB Edwardsb BB Brider62227102027.27
LB Heavenrun out3872107004052.78
SB Nerob RB Moxly4570132203864.29
MB Tatnellb RB Moxly0440040.00
SB Jonesnot out173649002547.22
SB Fitzpatricknot out161216204133.33
SB Brown
NB Difford
TB Dorward
MB Eschbank
TB King
PB Kokinakkis
Extras0b 2lb 32w 15nb 0pen49
Provisional Score For Innings179
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total179for 6
BB Brider8.002713 (3)2 (4)3453.003.38
MB Muscat10.0146012 (12)0 (0)370.004.60
MB Eaton6.001713 (3)4 (6)3043.002.83
MB McCarthy6.021100 (0)0 (0)260.001.83
CB Brincat4.004607 (7)5 (5)60.0011.50
RB Moxly6.003027 (7)0 (0)2121.505.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
MB Elbourn1-1414MB Elbourn (3) MB Cameron (2)5.4
MB Cameron2-239MB Cameron (3) BB Edwards (2)8.1
BB Edwards3-329BB Edwards (4) LB Heaven (2)10.4
LB Heaven4-12694LB Heaven (36) SB Nero (35)28.2
MB Tatnell5-1260MB Tatnell (0) SB Nero (0)28.6
SB Nero6-15327SB Nero (10) SB Jones (10)35.6
TB Connelllbwb SB Fitzpatrick15200420.00
RB Bridernot out00550000.00
MB Muscatb MB Tatnell4411103100.00
MB McCarthyb SB Fitzpatrick10122700483.33
MB Eatonlbwb SB Fitzpatrick0110010.00
BB Brider*+not out7409003317.50
CB Brincat
CB Heberley
AB Kelly
JB McAlister
RB Moxly
CB Plummer
Extras0b 1lb 16w 2nb 0pen19
Provisional Score For Innings41
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total41for 4
SB Fitzpatrick4.01732 (2)1 (1)219.001.75
BB Edwards2.001007 (7)1 (1)100.005.00
MB Tatnell1.00913 (3)0 (0)39.009.00
LB Heaven3.001404 (4)0 (0)90.004.67
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
TB Connell1-44TB Connell (1) RB Brider (1)0.5
MB Muscat2-139MB Muscat (4) RB Brider (2)2.4
MB McCarthy3-3421MB McCarthy (10) RB Brider (3)8.2
MB Eaton4-340MB Eaton (0) RB Brider (0)8.3
Match Report
Man of the Match:Shaun B2 Fitzpatrick
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard

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