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20/20 Victoria VIC v SA
Sunday, January 03 2016 (14:00) at Fawkner Park T3
(In Play) SA lead by 1 runs SA 139 for 2 (19.4 overs)
SA won toss and decided to field
Victoria VICSA
138 for 6 (20.0 overs)139 for 2 (19.4 overs)
1 Hour, 57 Minutes.25 Hours, 57 Minutes.
Victoria VIC
DB Gauci*not out5562117001688.71
DB Pritchardc RB Segurab MB Kent461100266.67
BB Spencerrun out (MB Hamilton)81519001153.33
BB Wilsonb SB Palmer13600233.33
ZB Sheehanst DB Bekricb MB Zannis0360030.00
PB Robinsonc RB Segurab MB Hamilton161525003106.67
HB MacKenzie+lbwb MB Hamilton444103100.00
PB Lohnot out18204000890.00
AB Close
NB Luke
AB Smith
JB Boland
CB Neyenhuis
Extras1b 5lb 20w 6nb 0pen32
Provisional Score For Innings138
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total138for 6
MB Kent4.002312 (2)1 (1)927.005.75
SB Palmer2.001013 (3)0 (0)515.005.00
MB Zannis3.001812 (2)0 (0)820.006.00
BB Connolly1.00602 (2)0 (0)40.006.00
DB Searle2.00901 (1)0 (0)60.004.50
RB Segura1.00702 (2)0 (0)20.007.00
MB Haskett4.002903 (3)0 (0)40.007.25
MB Hamilton2.001822 (2)3 (3)38.509.00
KB Cranwell1.001201 (3)2 (2)20.0012.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
DB Pritchard1-1313DB Pritchard (4) DB Gauci (6)2.3
BB Spencer2-3421BB Spencer (8) DB Gauci (10)6.4
BB Wilson3-395BB Wilson (2) DB Gauci (2)7.6
ZB Sheehan4-434ZB Sheehan (0) DB Gauci (4)9.2
PB Robinson5-8340PB Robinson (16) DB Gauci (15)14.1
HB MacKenzie6-896HB MacKenzie (4) DB Gauci (0)14.3
RB Segurarun out (JB Boland)45400280.00
SB Palmernot out656515571020100.00
MB Zannis*+run out (DB Gauci)12142400885.71
MB Haskettnot out39421528001592.86
BB Connolly
MB Tzourtzouklis
KB Cranwell
MB Kent
JB Campbell
DB Martin
LB Wallace
MB Hamilton
DB Searle
DB Bekric
Extras0b 1lb 15w 3nb 0pen19
Provisional Score For Innings139
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total139for 2
DB Pritchard4.001803 (3)0 (0)150.004.50
PB Robinson4.002300 (0)0 (0)90.005.75
DB Gauci4.002502 (2)0 (0)70.006.25
BB Wilson1.001000 (0)1 (1)00.0010.00
BB Spencer2.402001 (1)2 (2)60.007.50
HB MacKenzie3.003107 (7)0 (0)30.0010.33
JB Boland1.001102 (2)0 (0)20.0011.00
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
RB Segura1-44RB Segura (4) SB Palmer (0)0.6
MB Zannis2-3632MB Zannis (12) SB Palmer (18)6.2
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Match Referee: C Ive
Scorers: J Smith

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