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2-Day Burwood BCC v St Paul's BCC
Saturday, October 20 2018 (13:00) to Sunday, October 21 2018 at Kooyong Ground 2
Day 2: Burwood BCC lead by 132 runs Burwood BCC 139 for 6 dec (46.5 overs)
St Paul's BCC won toss and decided to field
Burwood BCC (1st Innings)St Paul's BCC (1st Innings)
139 for 6 dec (46.5 overs)7 for 0 (9.0 overs)
3 Hours, 51 Minutes.34 Minutes.
Burwood BCC (2nd Innings)St Paul's BCC (2nd Innings)
0 for 0 (0.0 overs)0 for 0 (0.0 overs)
0 Minutes.0 Minutes.
Burwood BCC (1st Innings)
DA Gauciretd, out405476503074.07
CT Baillie+b NA Brewer-Maiga31107182007628.97
AB Closelbwb NB Luke95869105215.52
SA Peuckerb DA Pritchard0230020.00
BT Foxb DA Pritchard0210020.00
DB Macfarlaneb PB Wheelen09210090.00
SA Obeidnot out183654002450.00
FT Bauernot out73847003318.42
DA Goodman*
DB Steeds
DB Gordon
Extras0b 2lb 7w 25nb 0pen34
Provisional Score For Innings139
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total139for 6
DA Pritchard8.022121 (1)3 (3)3426.002.63
ZT Sheehan10.013701 (1)7 (7)430.003.70
RB Mascitti9.001902 (2)1 (1)410.002.11
NB Luke7.512811 (1)3 (3)3351.003.57
NA Brewer-Maiga8.001210 (0)4 (4)4052.001.50
PB Wheelen2.00511 (1)1 (1)914.002.50
CB Wheelen2.001501 (1)6 (6)90.007.50
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
DA Gauci*0-6161DA Gauci (40) CT Baillie (12)16.5
AB Close1-9534AB Close (9) CT Baillie (13)29.6
SA Peucker2-972SA Peucker (0) CT Baillie (1)30.3
BT Fox3-981BT Fox (0) CT Baillie (0)30.5
DB Macfarlane4-1046DB Macfarlane (0) CT Baillie (5)35.2
CT Baillie5-1073CT Baillie (0) SA Obeid (2)36.4
St Paul's BCC (1st Innings)
DA Pritchard*not out3313400289.68
NB Lukenot out32434002112.50
NA Brewer-Maiga
NB Cutri
RB Mascitti
CB Wheelen
PB Wheelen
LT Haywood+
ZT Sheehan
BT Spencer
AT Talilli
Extras0b 0lb 0w 1nb 0pen1
Provisional Score For Innings7
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total7for 0
AB Close3.01200 (0)0 (0)160.000.67
DA Gauci2.00300 (0)0 (0)90.001.50
SA Peucker3.01200 (0)1 (1)170.000.67
DA Goodman1.01000 (0)0 (0)60.000.00
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: C Ive
Scorers: B Close

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