Click on each of the headings below to view medals that have been awarded to players over various years.

Doug Sloan Medal

The Doug Sloan Medal is awarded to the best player of the Grand Final and is decided by the Umpires. Season Winner Club 2004-05 Lindsay Heaven St. Paul’s B.C.C. 2005-06 Matthew Horsey Institute B.C.C. 2006-07 Kingsley Williams Glenferrie B.C.C 2008-09 Chris Baillie Burwood B.C.C. 2009-10 Brett Wilson St. Paul’s B.C.C. 2010-11 Brett Wilson St. Paul’s […]

Max Walker Medal

The Max Walker Medal for the best player of the season. Shall be voted on conclusion of each match by the umpires using a 3, 2, 1 voting system for each game prior to the Grand Final. The winner shall be the player at the end of the vote count with the highest number of […]

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