Click on each of the headings below to view shields that have been awarded to players over various years.

Dick & Jean Wyatt Shield

The Dick & Jean Wyatt Shield is awarded to the Grand Finalist.   Season Club 1985-86 Institute B.C.C. 1986-87 Institute B.C.C. 1987-88 Institute B.C.C. 1988-89 Burwood B.C.C. 1989-90 Burwood B.C.C. 1990-91 Kooyong B.C.C. 1991-92 St. Paul’s B.C.C. 1992-93 Burwood B.C.C. 1993-94 Burwood B.C.C. 1994-95 Burwood B.C.C. 1995-96 Richmond B.C.C. 1996-97 Braille B.C.C. 1997-98 Burwood B.C.C. […]

Winning States ABCC Tournaments

Historial Notes For the first nine National Tournaments, four States of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania competed. South Australia joined 10th ABCC Sydney 1970-71 and West Australia joined 11th ABCC Brisbane 1972-73. Tasmania dropped out after 12th ABCC Hobart 1974-75 and only competed one more time as a combined team with West Australia […]


Historical Notes The first National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC), which featured 14 teams and more than 200 players, was staged in Geelong from 17-24 January 2017. The Championships consisted of three divisions: blind and vision impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, and cricketers with an intellectual disability. It was the first time in Australia that […]

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