Click on each of the headings below to view trophies that have been awarded to players over various years.

Banks of the Murray Cup

Historial Notes The Banks of the Murray Cup is an annual cricket match played between Victoria and ACT in Albury. The match is played at the end of the home and away season usually during the last weekend in March. The first match was played in 2007 and is played at Noreuil Park Oval, Albury. […]

Paul Carlson Memorial Encouragement Award

The Paul Carlson Memorial Encouragement Award is an encouragement award for players under the age of 25 and is decided by the Association President. Season Winner Club 2004-05 Andrew Close Institute B.C.C. 2005-06 Felmore Banquesio Institute B.C.C. 2006-07 Amy Baille Burwood B.C.C. 2007-08 Andrew Close Institute B.C.C. 2008-09 Christian Caldwell Burwood B.C.C. 2009-10 Marilyn Luck […]

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie Of The Year Award shall be presented to the best first-year player and shall be decided by the Vice President. The award was removed the VBCA By-Laws as part of several changes to rules and by-laws at the start of the 2009-10 season. Season Winner Club 2004-05*     2005-06 Justin Smit St. […]

Umpires Bernie Bradley Award

The Umpires Bernie Bradley Award was awarded by the umpires for the best and fairest player. This award was changed to the Max Walker Medal at the start of the 1998-99 season. Season Winner 1986-87 D. Lithfield D. Wheatley 1987-88 D. Wheatley P. Hyczka 1988-89 G. Pierce 1989-90 T. Atkinson D. Goodman L. Lennon M. […]

VBCA One Day Trophy

Historical Notes The VBCA One Day Trophy was introduced for the first time in the 2013/14 season. 4 Clubs (Burwood Warriors, Institute Rebels, St. Paul’s Saints and Glenferrie Lions) compete in a round robin one day format competition. Compiled by Nick Pepper (VBCA Secretary) VBCA One Day Trophy Season Winner 2013/14 I.B.C.C. Rebels

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