Modified Rules

The team of 12 comprises partially sighted players and totally blind players. The partially sighted players are further divided into Partially A and Partially B categories. The game of blind cricket is played double-ended in the same way as sighted cricket. The batsman is permitted a caller who will stand behind the wicket-keeper and may give the batsman a ‘call’ as to whether the ball is ‘straight’, ‘off’ or ‘leg’. All forms of dismissal from sighted cricket apply except for catching. Partially sighted players who avoid going out when batting are obliged to retire after either scoring 40 runs. Similarly, a totally blind batsman must retire after facing 16 overs. Bowling restrictions also apply to categories of players. ie. A Partially A bowler may only bowl to a Partially A batsman, A Partially B bowler may bowl at a Partially B or Partially A batsman, and so on. The pitch has a line marked half way along its length. For a delivery to be legal, it must bounce on both sides of this line.

The complete rules are available here.

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