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VBCA Patron Max Walker

In Memoriam: Max Walker, RMIT Dip Arch, CSP, OAM

Max has been the official Patron of VBCA since 1997. Before that Max hosted an audio-visual coaching tape for blind cricketers that has been distributed around the world.

Walker played 70 first-class cricket games for Victoria and 38 Cricket Tests for Australia, taking 138 wickets as a medium-fast bowler. He played in 29 ODI’s between 1974 and 1981, including matches during World Series Cricket from 1977 to 1979. His strange bowling action, particularly the way he moved his feet, earned Walker the nickname of “Tangles” or “Tanglefoot”.

A schoolboy sporting prodigy, as well as an outstanding Test Cricket career, Max has also played VFL/AFL football. He has taken centre stage in the sports media arena and authored 14 books, including seven No.1 Best Sellers. Max practiced as an architect for 10 years and is now a successful business executive. He travels the world as a specialist Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Host, Consultant and Moderator.

Max finds much inspiration amongst the VBCA players and has many long time friends from this relationship. He actively supports the Association at events and in the broader community.