Vision Impaired T-20 Cricket


The first round of T-20 cricket, a heritage round, will be held on Saturday
21ts October 2017 to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Victorian Blind

The T-20 format is a great introductory pathway to cricket or a fun format
for those seeking a more social rather than competitive format. Matches
commence at 1:00pm and conclude around 4:30pm.

The 2017-18 T-20 season fixture is:

Round 1 Saturday 21st October 2017

Round 2 Saturday 11th November 2017

Round 3 Saturday 2nd December 2017

Round 4 Saturday 27th January 2018

Round 5 Saturday 17th February 2018

Don’t forget we also have Friday night family cricket on Friday 17th
November 2017 and Friday 2nd February 2018. The fun begins from 5:00pm

Bring a friend, bring the family, sighted or vision impaired, all are
welcome for a BBQ meal, refreshments and an evening of social cricket.

For further information contact our secretary, Nick Pepper at or phone Rod Pritchard on 0401 718 926.

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